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companies and car shipper companies can come in very useful when you are looking to ship your vehicle. They will relocate your vehicle for a fee. Auto transport companies and car shipper companies have state of the art carriers capable of shipping many vehicles at once, safely and quickly.

There are some basic pieces of information you need to know while looking for auto transport and car shipper companies and our Auto Transport guide is designed to provide you with that information.

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Get a Better Rate on Your Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of those things that's good to have around but you hope you never have to use. Indeed, getting car insurance can be expensive, and car insurers factor everything about your life when they determine your premiums. They prefer to assume the worst, which means you're likely paying more than you actually need. The best way to get a discount on car insurance is to ask, but before you call them up, here are some things you can do to make your case for lower can insurance rates.

Take More Risk

If you increase your liability, then you can definitely get a big discount on your insurance rate. See, while this may seem risky, why not do this on older cars? If you remove collision insurance on a ten year old car that's worth less than $2,000 you may have to spend more money repairing it than replacing it. You can also increase your deductible, so that your insurance pays only for the biggest damages, and not every small bump you get.

Update Your Record

Maybe it's been a few years since you've updated your records with your insurance company. You'll be surprised what a difference a few years make. For example, younger drivers tend to be more riskier than older ones. If you got your insurance before you were 21 or 25 (depending on your state) you probably were considered risky then. But, now that you've been driving for a few years, and the insurance assumes you're much more experienced now, you may get a lower rate.

Drive Safely

If you've been driving for a few years, then the best way to get lower rates is to drive safely. Avoid getting speeding tickets and violations, and drive defensively to prevent car accidents. When you call to adjust your insurance rate, mention this to your agent or furnish them with a copy of your clean driving record.

Ask About Certain Discounts

Almost everything about your life counts when it comes to car insurance, so why not use that to your advantage. For example, there are some occupations that are considered "low risk", like engineers and teachers. If you telecommute part time, you may be able to reason out that you'll be driving your car less. You can also get discounts if you're a member of the AAA or other organizations. If you have homeowner's insurance, you can get a lower over-all rate if you buy from the same company.

Make sure you're not paying too much for your insurance. So, give your company a call to day and see if you qualify for a lower rate.

There are basic pieces of information you need to know when you are looking into companies to ship your vehicle and this guide is designed to provide you with that information and answer many other additional questions you may have...