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companies and car shipper companies can come in very useful when you are looking to ship your vehicle. They will relocate your vehicle for a fee. Auto transport companies and car shipper companies have state of the art carriers capable of shipping many vehicles at once, safely and quickly.

There are some basic pieces of information you need to know while looking for auto transport and car shipper companies and our Auto Transport guide is designed to provide you with that information.

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Your Car Shipping Checklist


When shipping a car it is important to stay organized and ensure that you have sufficient paperwork and documentation as well as the list of what needs to be completed before you move your car. is here to help you with our checklist of what you consider when you move your car.

1. Car inspection. Before you use decide on a reputable car mover to transport your car, you will need to pass a pre transport inspection. During the inspection, your car will be evaluated for any leaks or damage that would affect any of the other cars that would be transported with yours. This also documents the condition of your car, so if damage does occur it was noted that it is the responsibility of the car shipping company to repair it.

2. Appropriate paperwork. Any car movers that you work with will require that you have the right paperwork before they can load your car on their truck. In addition to the inspection paperwork, you will need insurance, and in some instances, documentation in order to cross state or country lines.

3. Clean it. If you are moving your car, you shouldn’t have all of your junk move with it. If not for the additional cost (cars are moved based of weight) and the fact that these additional items are not covered through insurance. Give yourself a few days before shipping to clean your car and throw out any items that you don’t need or have no use for – cars are infamous for becoming this type of storage.

4. Get the right insurance policy. Insurance is not only vital for moving, but is also equally important when shipping a car. Given that your car will be on a shared truck with over 10 cars there is always the possibility that an accident could occur. Insurance will cover any damages or any accidents that may occur while on the road.

5. Meet and greet. As you are gathering your paperwork and learning more about insurance, there is the question of which car movers you will use. When meeting with car moving companies ask questions about costs, services and their delivery time. You will also want to know who the supervisor/driver is who will be handling your move, how they handle accidents, company history, etc. Just like with a moving company, advises that you visit multiple companies in order to make the best decision.

There are basic pieces of information you need to know when you are looking into companies to ship your vehicle and this guide is designed to provide you with that information and answer many other additional questions you may have...