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companies and car shipper companies can come in very useful when you are looking to ship your vehicle. They will relocate your vehicle for a fee. Auto transport companies and car shipper companies have state of the art carriers capable of shipping many vehicles at once, safely and quickly.

There are some basic pieces of information you need to know while looking for auto transport and car shipper companies and our Auto Transport guide is designed to provide you with that information.

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International Car Shipping: What's Involved?

Moving abroad is a huge emotional upheaval that involves packing, looking for international moving companies and locating car movers. These companies use vessels that directly transport your car to its new destination. If not, your shipment will be transferred from one vessel to another at a port on the way, called transhipment. Either way there are numerous situations to consider when shipping your car. Here is more information about how to do so.

International auto transportation companies will generally offer you two methods to transport your car – either the open method or the enclosed option. The open method is the cheaper option, but it must be borne in mind that, as your car will not be covered, it will be exposed to the elements. If your car is being transported on a ship (as opposed to an airline) this will mean that there is a greater chance of damage from sea salt spray and, of course, scratches. Note that the shorter the journey to the new location, the less chance there will be of such damages occurring.

Transporting your car in the closed method is just that – it is enclosed and thus will not be subject to the eroding effects of sea salt or of being accidentally scratched. Even though this is the more expensive option, it may be the best one with long distances such as an international move.

The international shipping company of your choice will also handle all the paperwork involved with export and import taxes (if any), customs duties in the foreign country and any other related charges.

Also, when shipping your car make sure everything should has been completely taken out and that all of your belongings have been emptied. This includes licenses and registration, your radio, tape or CD player and anything that could move during transportation.

There are basic pieces of information you need to know when you are looking into companies to ship your vehicle and this guide is designed to provide you with that information and answer many other additional questions you may have...