Auto transport
companies and car shipper companies can come in very useful when you are looking to ship your vehicle. They will relocate your vehicle for a fee. Auto transport companies and car shipper companies have state of the art carriers capable of shipping many vehicles at once, safely and quickly.

There are some basic pieces of information you need to know while looking for auto transport and car shipper companies and our Auto Transport guide is designed to provide you with that information.

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What Do You Need to Do to Get Your Car Reading for Shipping?

The shipping of any vehicle is a specialized business, which requires reputable car movers that are experienced and knowledgeable, and with the necessary technical expertise too. Operators offering port-to-port services aim it is to get you through a myriad of processes painlessly and efficiently. Be it shipping your car from A to B in your own country, or sending your car to a far off destination there are many formalities that need to be carefully followed and complied with.

Preparing your Car:

As the day approaches for your car move, keep an eye on the engine fluids:

• Plane and ship operators require a car to have no gas in the tank. Do not expect a refund – run your tank down beforehand

• Have the battery cells topped up so that it retains a spark of life and starts readily again.

• Are you shipping your car to a colder or a hotter climate? Consult with your car shipping vendor and take their advice regarding changing oils and radiator fluid.

Make sure you have the user codes for radios, CDs (and other electronic equipment if this applies). The car mover will most likely disconnect the battery for safety, and a dysfunctional sound system is something that you can do without.

Empty your car of everything that you put into it since you originally took delivery of your pride and joy. That means leaving just the fitted tools and spare wheel behind, and perhaps the service papers. Do this as consistently and thoroughly as you can, because you will not have insurance for things that you do not list. Begin on and under the driver's seat and carpet, and move on from there. Check all storage bins, CD shuttles and the glove boxes too. Finally, check the boot very carefully – you will be surprised what lurks in cracks and corners there. Do you have a hidden spare car key? Now is the time to remove it. While you are busy doing this, make up a list of everything left lying loose in the car, and remember to get the remover to sign it too.

Clean your car thoroughly inside and out, not forgetting the boot as well. There several reasons for this:

• As a final check for things not yet found.
• To list any wear or damage for the remover to check and sign.
• As a statement of the condition in which you would like to find your car next time.

If there is an outstanding loan on your car and it will be crossing international boundaries you will need to come to an arrangement with the lender too. While on the subject of personal legalities, are you allowed to drive a car on your existing license in the country to where you are moving and will you have car insurance when you arrive.

There are basic pieces of information you need to know when you are looking into companies to ship your vehicle and this guide is designed to provide you with that information and answer many other additional questions you may have...